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How is coaching different from counseling?
Coaching is time-specific and based primarily on achieving specific goals. We create an action plan to move you forward and my job as a coach is to help keep you motivated and accountable.  Coaching is offered over the phone and computer exclusively (phone calls, Skype, and e-mail) . Counseling is usually more open-ended in terms of time length and often places more emphasis on processing under-lying emotions related to conflicts.  Counseling is an in-person, face-to-face service that takes place exclusively in my office in Decatur, GA.
How do I know if counseling or coaching is a better fit for me?
There are many factors in deciding between counseling and coaching. The biggest and most important is how you view the concern(s) that you want help with; if you believe it will be a process of exploration and dealing with feelings that have been with you for a long time counseling may be right for you. If you feel more drawn to creating an action-oriented plan and moving forward as soon as possible in order to get you directly to a specific goal, coaching is probably best. Other factors that may play a role in your decision are time and money. Because coaching is done virtually it’s typically more convenient. In person counseling sessions tend to be more expensive than coaching sessions (unless your insurance covers them), as they are not packaged together.
Do you tell us if we should stay together or separate/get a divorce?
In couples counseling the relationship is my client, not either individual. With that in mind all decisions to continue or end the relationship reside with the couple. I work with you both to determine what’s going on in the relationship that doesn’t work and how action can be taken to heal and fix your connection.
What if my partner doesn’t want to come in to therapy?
Many individuals come in to see me to work on their relationship because their partner isn’t ready or willing to come. I have found this can very effect and result in major changes to the relationship. Many times when one person comes in for counseling, and works hard to change things in the relationship the other partner can see the difference and becomes naturally curious/involved in the process.
Do you work with unmarried couples? Same sex couples?
Yes, I have worked with all types of couples. I believe that love and relationships come in all different forms; inter-racial, same sex, age differences, common law/long term committed relationships. I welcome all couples to my counseling practice.

Where is your office?
108 E Ponce de Leon Ave.
Suite 204
Decatur, GA 30030
(404) 216-9794

While I do many counseling session in my office I also offer Skype counseling sessions as well. For more information about how that works, e-mail me directly.


What’s the difference between couples counseling and mediation?
Couples counseling focuses of resolving issues and bringing people closer together. Mediation is a process of peacefully separating; it provides a platform and a neutral party to help guide you through that process civilly.
What my partner and I are planning to separate? How can you help us do that in a way that’s not hurtful to our children and/or each other?
I have worked with many couples the end the relationship on the best terms possible. This does not always mean that the two people leave as friends, but rather that each person has the opportunity to determine what he/she needs to let go of the relationship and move on. This can be especially important if children/custody sharing are involved.
What if my partner (or I) had an affair?
It’s common that many couples are aware that they’ve had problems for a while, but it’s not until crisis (like an affair) that they come to counseling for help. Marriages can recover from affairs, but in order for that to work the affair must be ended both physically and emotionally and both people in the marriage must truly want to restore their marriage.
How can we tell if our marriage is saveable?
There is no cut and dry way to know for sure if it’s time to call is it quits. Part of coming to counseling is often to figure out if staying together or separating is best. The more willing each person is to resolve things the more likely it is that couples counseling will be successful.
What are your fees? Do you accept insurance?
Counseling sessions last 60 minutes and are based on a sliding scale (dependent on your income) that ranges from $60 – $125. At this time I accept most major insurance. Contact me directly to find out if using your insurance is an option.
How long will couples counseling take?
Couples counseling is different for every couple and largely depends on what issues a couple brings into therapy. While I cannot offer a specific length of time, it is fair to say that after 6 months of counseling you should begin to feel a significant difference in your relationship or at least have an idea of whether you want to stay in it or not.