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AmberAs a child of divorced parents I always wondered why some marriages work and other’s fail: are some problems too big to resolve? Do the partners not love each other enough? Or is it that some people just aren’t a good match? After years of studying marriage and relationships I realized there is no one, single reason that some couples are happily married and others are happier divorced.  Solid relationships are built on trust, openness and acceptance. Only the two people involved can determine when or why to end a relationship. If you want to know more about heal your marriage or relationship contact me.

In 2003, I graduated from UGA with a bachelor of science degree in Psychology. Upon finishing college I owned and operated an event/wedding planning company (Beyond Events Atlanta) for 7 years. After planning over 100 events I decided to return to my true passion: pursing a career as a couples counselor. In 2010, I finished my Master of Education degree at GSU and in 2011, I earned my specialist degree in Professional Counseling.  My specialization is couples work, specifically EFCT (emotion focused couples therapy).

I’m a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified general civil mediator in Atlanta, GA. I’m also a wife and mother.  I love people and value positive relationships more than anything else in life. Without my friends and family I don’t know where I’d be today.

Personal Timeline

August 26, 1981
I’m born into this amazing world, my parents were high-school sweethearts.
April 1983
My younger sister is born and life as I know changed; first experiences with sharing and being labeled as an over-protective big sister. (My dad says that when he would pop her hand and tell her “no” , I would cry longer and harder than her and say “ Daddy, she’s just a baby.”)
August 1983
The fairytale ends and my parents divorce due to irreconcilable differences.
August 1987
Begin 1st grade and am an eager student that excels at school, but I’m also caught copying off of a friend’s paper in order to finish school work faster and go to the playground. (Yep, my mom still has the teacher’s note in my baby book to prove I “cheated.”)
October 1987
My younger (half) brother is born and the sharing, sibling rivalry and game-playing continue. This may or may not have involved dressing him up with make up and jewelry much to my step-father’s distain.)
June 1990
1st International flight to visit my step-father’s extended family in Ireland (where he was born and raised). ireland
May 1992
Epic Fail #1. Tried out for the dance team, didn’t make the 2nd cut of the team and was devastated.
May 1993
Back with a Vengeance. I busted my butt during tryouts; getting my kicks higher and my moves sharper than ever. Made the dance team and proudly rocked that uniform and jacket all Basketball season long.
April 1994
Joined the Math team in middle school (aka: became a “Mathlete”) proving that not all blondes are dumb and that just because you have big hair doesn’t mean you can’t do Algebra).
May 1999
Senior prom and graduation from Jonesboro High School.
August 1999
Moved to Athens, GA to attend UGA.
August 2000
1st Major heartbreak. The long-distance relationship with my first love does not work out. At the time I thought my life was over. Tragically, hopelessly over.
January 2001
Have the epiphany that I’m at a huge University surround by literally thousands of single men and decide to get back in there and start dating again. I love life as a college student and have a renewed faith in the future.
May 2003 
Graduate from Undergrad at 21 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. You can almost see the naivety and idealism shooting out of my eyes.
March 2004
Quarter-life crisis officially begins. After over a year of waiting tables, going to job interviews and still being under-employed I begin to get depressed and hopeless. Not sure exactly how long this lasted, but it felt like forever at the time.  To make it more humiliating I worked in my dad’s restaurant and was asked daily how the job search was going. I slowly start to realize there are Zero jobs out there for Psych majors without a graduate degree, unless you can survive on minimum wage (god help you if you have student loans).
Spring 2004
My dad’s first episode/occurrence of cancer, age 48. It’s prostate cancer and since it was caught early it was treated relatively easily and non-invasively. Scariest experience of my life at that point.
October 2004
Get my first (and only) “real job” in the sales department at the Sheraton Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta. I quickly realize that corporate America is not for me and I need to get the hell out ASAP. After 5 months I turn in my notice and leave as quickly as I can.
Winter 2004
Read Napoleon Hill’s “Think and grow Rich,” my entire paradigm on work, money and wealth is turned completely upside down. I get inspired for the first time in a long, long time.
May 2005
1st Entrepreneurial endeavor. I decide to open an event planning business with two close friends. I pour my life savings in (I think it was around $5,000 at the time), cross my fingers and hope for the best.
August 2007
Event planning business has consistently lost money for 2 solid years and all friendships between business partners have totally disintegrated. I begrudgingly move home to live with my parents at 26 years old. This feels like ultimate failure and embarrassment, as I am constantly hearing from my college friends about their fabulous jobs and someone new is getting engaged each week (at least that’s what it felt like at the time). I decide maybe it’s time to go see a therapist and get a little clarity on why my life is such a hot mess.
September 2007
I’m the Maid of honor at my younger sister’s wedding. While I am ecstatic for her and love my new brother-in-law, the contrast of where my life seems to be headed is pretty painful. And if another person tells me “you’re next” or asks if I’m dating anyone I just might puke.
November 2007
Meet my future husband by chance (or was it?) out at a public event. We started dating a week later and have been together ever since.
January 2008
Discover Harriett Lerner’s “Dance of Intimacy” and Scott Peck’s “ Road less traveled.” And I slowly start seeing the ways that I’ve contributed to the frustrating experiences I’ve been having with both love and work. I make a conscious choice to stop play my part in the dysfunctional relationships and situations in my life, in order to have more a fulfilling life.
May 2008
I return to school to earn a Master’s degree in Professional Counseling at Georgia State University.  I was so inspired by my experience in therapy and the possibilities I found that I decide I want to help others have similar awakenings, so they can live more satisfying lives and relationships.
September 2009
Dad’s 2nd Cancer diagnosis, age 53. This time is para-nasal sinus cancer. It’s incredibly rare, treatment options are unknown and prognosis is not good. Chaos, terror and confusion ensue.
January 2010
After surgery, hospitalization, spinal meningitis and 3 months of intensive radiation dad is home, and the entire family fervently prays for recovery and healing.
May 2010 
Graduate for Georgia State University with a Master of Education degree in Professional Counseling.  I immediately start working in private practice with couples and individuals on relationship and communication issues. rsc-logo
April 2011
Get married to my husband in my dad’s backyard by the lake. The best celebration I’ve ever been a part of, to this day.
March 2012
Dad’s 3rd bout of Cancer; Colon cancer this time, age 56. One surgery, one major complication, a few miserable days in the hospital and it’s taken care of. He returns home to heal and recover.
October 2012
Officially earn my LPC (Licensed professional counselor) designation for the GA Secretary of state. After 5 years and thousands of hours and dollars in the making this is a HUGE milestone.
June 2013
Give birth to my daughter after 29 hours (yep) of labor. My proudest accomplishment yet. I now feel more inspired than ever to live a life and career that shows my daughter you can create a life on your own terms, and make money while putting your family first at the same time.
September 2014
After following several coaches on-line for a couple of years I decide to begin offering coaching as a complementary service to counseling. I hate the idea of being limited to only working with people in GA (that’s how state licenses work for counseling) and become passionate about connecting with and helping people across the world.