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10 Free ways to make the world a better place

There are many people that want to improve the world, but don’t have the extra cash to donate to charity or have a hard time deciding what cause is most worthy. If you want to help make this world a better place, without spending a dime, here are 10 easy ways.

1.)  Clean up a mess that you didn’t make and don’t even tell anybody. Whether this is picking up litter at a public place or straightening up the garage at your grandmother’s house, it’s guaranteed to make someone else’s world a little more beautiful.

2.)   Let a stranger get in line ahead of you at the grocery store if they only have a few items and you have many. It may cost you an extra minute or so, but it could save them many more and it’s a considerate gesture.

3.)  Visit a nursing home and spend an hour or so getting to know a few residents. It might help to stop by the front desk and ask if there are any residents that don’t get many visitors. Older people love to talk and engage with people about their experiences and life lessons, they often have many stories to tell and can offer some wisdom. You’ll likely leave with new knowledge and a warm fuzzy feeling.

4.)  Begin a recycling plan at work. Many offices, especially smaller businesses, are more concerned with business than with creating policies on being green. Take the initiative; get a few trashcans, label them and then create a plan on how to get the waste to a nearby recycling center.

5.)  Give a complete stranger a sincere compliment. Whether it’s about how much you like their shirt, how considerate it was that they held the door open for you or what a great smile they have- it’s sure to give their day a boost.

6.)  When you’re stuck in traffic, let another car out (or make a left hand turn). We have all been the person that sat at an intersection for what seemed like forever, hoping that someone would let us out. Grant that person’s simple wish.

7.)  Blog about a cause. Writing about a charity that is dear to you or worthwhile cause is a great way to spread their message. Let your friends, family and co-workers know just home important it is to help this foundation, people, etc.

8.)  Leverage social media. In case you don’t have a blog or feel it’s too time consuming, tweet about your cause or re-post something the organization has put of Facebook.  This will increase awareness of what you want to support.

9.)  Engage an unfriendly sales person or cashier in conversation. After many hours of dealing with unhappy customers and standing on their feet, some salespeople get a glazed over “can I just go home?” look on their face. Next time you see this, trying asking the person about their night “ Have you all been busy tonight?” or “ I bet you’re ready to go home and rest.” Just acknowledging that they you see them beyond how they can serve you goes a long way.

10.)Offer to do a chore for your neighbor or friend. If you have any elderly neighbor, offer to cut his/her grass when you’re already out cutting your own. If you have a friend that’s a single parent, offer to babysit their child(ren) for an hour or two while he/she runs errands. Sure, it takes time from your day, but it can vastly improve his/hers and remind him/her that there are people in this world willing to help out.

There are tons of other ways to help people out, large and small, without spending money. These are just a few to get you started. What are some of your ideas about ways to help make the world a better place, without spending money?

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